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    We implement software modules step-by-step – eventually you get an ERP Management System.
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management System

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP introduces a way to integrate the data and processes of an organization into one single system. ERP systems normally have various components from different domains like hardware, software and services, to make them work in coordination as an integrated system, to make all the business functions run smoothly. Some ERP solutions use a unified database management system for data of all different software modules while other ERP solutions involve a mapping layer to integrate database management systems of different breed.

ePatronus ERP

A Software Management System that automates or manages multiple Business processes across two or more domains is considered as an ERP, while all the covered modules are integrated and share information with each other. E.g. a software solution that covers two domains: Payroll and Accounts may be considered as an ERP. Some Larger ERP Solutions cover a no of Business domains e.g. Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Payroll Management, Accounts Management, File Tracking, Documents Management, Workflow Management and lot more.

ERP Step-by-Step

We offer a strategy, evolved over years providing Custom ERP solutions, to build an ERP step-by-step, so that our client may feel it growing, experience it's benefits expanding with each new module being added to it, with negligible financial impact, at a time.

Your Business evolves with time, so should your exposure with technology that makes you aware of progress. Consider the need of the hour. Implementation of IT solutions and services one at a time will eventually stand you with your own ERP.

We, at ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions, first of all consider that what is the business domain of an organization or institution. We consider all the Business functions involved. Then we divide them into Working Modules.
ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions!

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    Supply Chain Management
    An addition to our products list, Supply Chain Management to manage activities.

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Step-by-step ERP Enterprise Resource Planning by ePatronus Enterpise IT Solutions Step by Step ERP
We offer a strategy, evolved over years providing...

Complete IT Support & Services by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
Supply Chain Management
An addition to our products list, Supply Chain Management to manage activities.

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Effectively managing and truly tracking the record of all employees in terms...
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